At NovaSterilis, we are constantly discovering new applications for our SCCO2 sterilizers. We are continually making advances on both the biology side and the engineering side of our process, making the possibility of discovering even more novel applications even more promising. 

There is no shortage of applications for our SCCO2 sterilizers. Our lab technicians have run countless tests to affirm the efficacy of our process on various specimen. Current applications include sterilizing allograft tissue, biologic materials, and more. SCCO2 sterilization has proven to be more effective than other sterilization processes due to its ability to penetrate the specimen being sterilized in a safe and controlled manner. If you are interested in discussing a potential new application for these sterilizers, contact a NovaSterilis representative. We are always happy to test new avenues for SCCO2 sterilization and we will work with you to meet your needs.



Top Left: Pre-Processed cortical bone (Left) compared to cortical bone after two runs in Nova2200
Bottom Left: SCCO2 sterilized BTB prepared for transplant
Right: Nova2200 SCCO2 sterilizer