NovaKill™/Supercritical CO2 Process Seen as a Method of Choice for the Sterilization of Decellularized Heart Valves

Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Based Virus Inactivation, Characterized by Protein Damage and Maintenance of Epitope Integrity in Vaccine Sterilization



Synergistic Effect of the NovaSterilis Process on Microbial Inactivation in Shredded Mozzarella-Type Cheese

Sterilization of Lung Matrices by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Mechanism of Bacillus subtilis spore inactivation by and resistance to Supercritical CO2 plus peracetic acid



Development of a Sterile Amniotic Membrane Tissue Graft Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Optimization of SCCO2 Based Virus Inactivation, Characterized by Protein Damage and Maintenance of Epitope Integrity in Vaccine Sterilization

NovaSterilis Awarded NIH Phase I Grant for Sporocidal Mechanism and Inline Monitoring of Peracetic Acid in Supercritical CO2



NovaSterilis Issued US Patent 8658091 Using Supercritical CO2 to Remove Residual Ethylene Oxide from Absorbable Sutures



In 2012 Almost 24,000 Allografts Were Sterilized (SAL6)* Utilizing NovaSterilis Supercritical CO2 Process 



NovaSterilis appears in Medical Plastics News article on Bioresorbable Polymers

NovaSterilis Announces EMCM as Strategic Partner for Supercritical CO2 Sterilization in Europe and Parts of Asia

NovaSterilis to Present Phase 1 Data on Sterilization of Absorbable Polymers at Medtech Polymers Conference September 12

Australian Biotechnologies issue paper on the use of NovaSterilis process

NovaSterilis Awarded NIH Phase II Grant for Sterilization of Absorbable Sutures or Biomaterials Using Proprietary Supercritical CO2 Technology

NovaSterilis Awarded Patent for Soft Tissue Processing



Biotech Start-ups NovaSterilis and Rheonix Host Congressman Richard Hanna for Site Tours

NovaSterilis Reports Significant Findings from Sterilization of Absorbable Suture Material

NovaSterilis Awarded Patent for Sterilization Process for Pharmaceutical API using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

NovaSterilis Awarded Patent for Novel Preparation and Sterilization of Green State Devices

NovaSterilis Awarded Patent for Novel Vaccine Technology Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

NovaSterilis Inc. Awarded Contract for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Equipment by US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center



NovaSterilis Receives Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grant for Sterilization of Biomedical Materials

NovaSterilis and Cornell Researcher CC Chu Awarded MDA Group

Grant Award: NovaSterilis receives Grants for Growth Funding



NovaSterilis Receives Patent for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Sterilization of Demineralized Bone Matrix in Combination with Alkaline Earth Metal Compound

NovaSterilis Receives Patent for Vaccine Creation Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide



Australian BioTech purchases Nova2200TM

NovaSterilis receives NIH Phase II Grant for Tendon Sterilization

EPA President's Green Chemistry Challenge Award

EPA President's Green Chemistry Award
EPA President's Green Chemistry Award



USPTO Issues Patent to NovaSterilis for Sterilization Technology

Grant Award: NovaSterilis awarded NIH Phase 2 Grant

Grant Award: NovaSterilis awarded NSF Vaccine Grant



Novasterilis receives Best of Show Award at AATB Conference

NovaSterilis Demonstrates Sterilization of Human Tissue



Grant Award: NovaSterilis receives SBIR Phase I Grant

KensaGroup, Inc. Announces Licensing Agreement

David Burns is named President of NovaSterilis